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RHarbor - RDP/SSH Management Tool

RHarbor helps you to manage your Remote Desktop and SSH connections.



With RHarbor, you can manage your multiple connection informations for Remote Desktop and SSH.

You need not to feel the change of usability since RHarbor uses Windows-standard remote desktop application (mstsc.exe).

RHarbor is recommended for the following people.

Especially it comes in handy when you have to go through the multiple SSH server to connect the destination Windows machine.

RHarbor is not able to use as a SSH client/terminal but can call your favorite SSH clients with the stored SSH connection informations.


Install a suitable of .NET Runtime from the following page.

Download and Install

Download the zip file ( from Release Page.

RHarbor needs no special installation. Please unzip the downloaded file into a suitable folder and just start RHarbor.exe.

To uninstall, just delete the folder you installed.


To apply an updated version, overwrite all of files contained in the zip file.

How to use

Please see the detail pages.

  1. Remote Desktop with multi-hop SSH
  2. Starting connection from Jump List
  3. Invocation of external SSH clients

Refer to the No.1 even if you connect to a remote server directly.

About connection settings

Where to store

RHarbor.db exists in the same folder as RHarbor.exe. This file contains RHarbor’s settings you were set.

Clear all settings

To initialize the setting please shutdown RHarbor and then delete RHarbor.db. New RHarbor.db will be generated when you start RHarbor again.

Back up

To back up your connection settings, just copy RHarbor.db to your backup location.

RHarbor automatically backs it up to your profile folder (typically C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\RHarbor).


SSH private key file

OpenSSH-format private key files (e.g. generated by ssh-keygen) are allowed.

PuTTy format private key files should be converted to OpenSSH format using puttygen.exe.

RHarbor doesn’t care the key file extension.

Password security

The passwords stored in RHarbor are encrypted but still remains some security risks.

Do not install in a shared computer.

Malicious programs or bad people may read passwords in the database file or in memory.

Please make sure that an appropriate antivirus software is installed on your computer and use on your own risk.



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